1-K1534 rex rabbit infinity scarf, rabbit shopping bag
1-K1005 fox cape
1-K1034 rex rabbit mini-poncho
MOSCA patchwork fox jacket, detachable sleeves
3-K3246 cashmere and finnraccoon cross shawl, finnraccoon hat
3-K33659 wool cape with Tibet lamb pockets
Style INAKIS jeans jacket with finnraccoon, cashmere hat with fox pompom
NAKIS jeans jacket “handmade dripping” with finnraccoon collar and cuffs, rabbit baseball hat
NOCTURNE reversible rabbit coat
Style INVIDIA rex rabbit coat with down sleeves, fox hat
91H1421 HINES cashmere coat with finn raccoon collar - 91H1341 HERMOSA cashmere coat
NORMA rabbit and wool coat
NESPOLA rabbit jacket
NEW JERSEY reversible suede mink jacket - man: squirrel scarf
NYALA knitted finnraccoon vest - NINA reversible down and finnraccoon coat
NATALIE knitted rex rabbit sweater and wool hat with fox pompon
Style LEA rabbit racket, fox hat
MICHELLE mink coat
MICHELA rabbit trench coat
MIRIAM rabbit coat, finnraccoon collar
MARISA rabbit blazer, persian lamb effect
MIRANDA rex rabbit and wool cape
MINA reversible mink and rex rabbit coat - rabbit slippers - finnraccoon hat
NIZZA knitted rex rabbit long vest – man: rex rabbit scarf
NABILA rabbit coat
NINFA reversible down and mink coat - NADIR reversible leather and lamb vest with raccoon scarf
MINERVA patchwork fox hooded jacket - NETTUNO natural raccoon hooded parka
IRMA wool knitted vest and rex rabbit, with mittens art. 62K7708
MARTINA rex rabbit small jacket
MARICA rex rabbit jacket
MARINELLA rex rabbit and wool reversible jacket
MARTA reversible cardigan mink and rex rabbit
ISOLA jeans coat and silver fox with satchel purse art. 5K6302 and hat art. 2K4402
MARIANNA mink and down coat
Style LIA horizontal mink jacket, fox hat
ILENIA shearling and mink jacket
IBISCO knitted kaftan with mink
Style LICIA mink biker jacket
Style LIALA diagonal mink coat
NOAH shearling coat, rex rabbit knitted hat
NORVEGIA knitted fox long vest
IOS rabbit and leather jacket
Style LADY chiffon and rabbit bolero jacket, rex rabbit hair clips
IMPERIAL bolero jacket with lace and rabbit flower appliques
MIRELLA knitted rabbit cape - MAFALDA rex rabbit cape
NIEVA rex rabbit bolero
MELANIA lamb trench coat
1-K1002 fox cape; MICHAEL sheared mink blazer
NADIR reversible leather and lamb vest
Rabbit blazer, persian lamb effect
MATRIX leather jacket, pony collar
NETTUNO natural coyote hooded parka
rabbit braces - MAURO lamb jacket
MATTIA Xiangao lamb coat
MATTIA lamb coat - MARCO lamb jacket