DELLERA Capsule Collections
Rex rabbit little poncho – mod. 1-K103402
Dark mink stole – mod. 1-K140102
beige mink stole – mod. 1-K140199Natural
Natural beige and pastel mink stole – mod. 1-K140199
Jersey cape with tibet lamb pockets – mod. 3-K365903
Cashmere 100% cape with black fox pockets – mod. 3-K396002
100% knitted cashmerecape with black finnraccoon collar
100% knitted cashmere cape with natural finnraccoon collar – mod 3-K525706
100% knitted Cashmere stole with fox collar and loop – mod. 3-K546002
Jersey stole with white fox collar and loop – mod. 3-K546003
100% wool coat with printed kangaroo collar – mod. 91O015499
Detail of the hand painted collar – mod. 91O015499
100% wool parka with printed kangaroo – mod. 91O025441
Jeans sport jacket with finnraccon collar (belt with pocket) – mod. 91O032158